The Atlas

Welcome to the Northern Appalachian/Acadian Ecoregion Conservation Atlas, a project of Two Countries, One Forest (2C1Forest). The goal of the Atlas is to provide access to transboundary environmental information to land owners, land managers, landuse planners, researchers, land trusts, conservation NGOs and community groups to support the conservation and restoration of the diverse flora and fauna of this outstanding forest ecosystem, and to inform sustainable land use planning.

The Atlas contains a collection of maps that can be easily customized by users and a collection of spatial datasets in GIS format that can be downloaded.

Each map and dataset is accompanied by information (metadata) to support their use and interpretation, and in many cases reports and publications related to them have been attached.

Maps and data have been grouped into Galleries that correspond with major projects to help users find the maps and data they need as easily and quickly as possible.

Content Contributors

The spatial data contained in the Atlas has been contributed by the following organizations:

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