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A Canadian-U.S. collaborative of conservation organizations, researchers, foundations and conservation-minded individuals. Our international community is focused on the protection, conservation and restoration of forests and natural heritage from New York to Nova Scotia, across the Northern Appalachian-Acadian ecoregion.

Our Vision:

2C1Forest will work for the transformation of parks, refuges and forests across the Northern Appalachian-Acadian ecoregion into a living, breathing ecosystem for species, plant and animal, large and small.

We will realize this vision by:
  • Working and thinking at an ecoregional level, and within ecological borders versus political boundaries;
  • Defining a clear framework of understanding and developing a network that facilitates and supports a cross-border sharing of vital information; and
  • Using the basic principles of science-based, landscape-level conservation.
To that end, 2C1Forest is focused on three active roles and immediate priorities:
  • Serving as a forum to enhance collaboration among conservation organizations and scientists, at the ecoregional level;
  • Harnessing cutting-edge science for conservation planning, at the ecoregional level; and
  • Promoting science-based, ecoregional conservation and restoration.
Our priorities:
  • Science & policy studies on ecological trends in the ecoregion;
  • An initiative to map and save the key habitats and corridors that connect and sustain this ecoregional landscape; and
  • A broad-based communication strategy to educate people in the ecoregion on its vast ecological wealth and conservation potential.
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