NCC Stream Classification v2.0

Feb 1, 2019 (Last modified Jul 29, 2019)
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This dataset contains version 2 of the Stream Classification for the Northern Appalachian – Acadian Region of Canada (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and eastern Quebec) and cross-border watersheds of the United States (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York). Using a seamless base hydrography layer for the region, freshwater ecosystems were classified based on five biophysical characteristics: size, gradient, alkalinity, temperature, and tidal influence.
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Nature Conservancy of Canada. (2019). Stream Classification for the Northern Appalachian–Acadian Region of Canada [Vector Digital Data: NCC_Stream_Classification_v2.0.shp]. Atlantic Regional Office. Fredericton, New Brunswick. Office. Fredericton, New Brunswick.
Content date:
February, 2019
Millar, W., Olivero-Sheldon, A., Nussey, P. & Noseworthy, J. (2019). A Stream Classification for the Northern Appalachian–Acadian Region of Canada, Version 2.0. Fredericton, New Brunswick: Nature Conservancy of Canada, Atlantic Regional Office.
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Nature Conservancy of Canada: Atlantic Region
1350 Regent St., Suite 260,
Fredericton, NB, CANADA
E3C 2G6
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